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Aesthetic and Medical Botox
Global 2018 Botulinum Toxin Market: $4.8 billion, CAGR 12+%
Global Industry Analysts Inc 2012

“The pain felt during botulinum toxin type-A injections and the troubled and distressed treatment it induces is common and well known for the patient and the doctor applying the treatment.”
Nedim Sarifakioglu MD, Annuals of Plastic Surgery December 2004

Global 2016 Lip Filler Market: $2.4 billion, CAGR 9.5%
Millennium Research Group 2013

"Performing lip augmentation using fillers is a very common procedure. Yes, it can be painful. I would say 10% don't take any anesthetic. 80% need a topical anesthetic only and about 10% need a nerve block injection." —Wallach MD

Combined aesthetics markets total $US 7+ billion with 9+ million procedures with each procedure involving 3-4 and potentially up to 15 needle sticks. Patients need to repeat procedures every 3-6 months to achieved and maintain best results.


Innova's Needle Pain Relief Advantages:

  • Immediate pain blocking upon activation, no wait time
  • No ice, creams or added drugs to address injection pain
  • Avoids advanced procedures and time aimed at reducing needle pain
  • Faster patient throughput, improved clinic productivity
  • Pain relief level individually adjusted to each patient
  • Greater patient comfort promotes repeat procedures and compliance
  • Needle pain remedy can expand service to reluctant patient segment

Product system underdevelopment, not yet commercially available.


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