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Ever bump your elbow and rub it afterwards to make it feel better? The “gate” that allows pain sensation to be sent to the brain can be closed by simultaneous stimulation of other sensory nerve fibers using non-painful stimuli (like rubbing your elbow). In medicine, electrical and vibration therapy have been used safely and effectively for a long time to help alleviate pain. Vibration and electrical impulses used together more completely stimulate the sensory receptors found in the skin and result in a more effective blocking of pain.


Relese™ — Active Pain Relief Solution
Innova patented technology uses customized electrical nerve stimulation and vibration, embedded within its product configurations to provide a comfortable sensation to reduce or eliminate the pain of needle piercings. The level of sensation to relieve needle pain is tailored to each patient’s individual preference. Innova is the only diabetes company that offers an active needle pain relief solution for daily use.



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