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Innova Diabetes

Needle Pain Relief for both Lancet and Injections — Relese™Technology
Multiple daily needle piercings and insulin injections can be a source of continual pain that can negatively impact patient compliance in performing recommended blood glucose tests or insulin injections. Innova product development embeds within a single lancet device, neurostimulation technology that provides analgesic relief for both lancet and injection needle pain:

  • greatly reduces or eliminates all daily sources of needle pain
  • is effective immediately and is easy-to-use
  • is customized to each patient
  • involves no drugs or additional devices, steps, or time
  • addresses all daily diabetes needle pain - lancet and/or insulin injections
  • is intended for all Type 2, Type 1, and pre-diabetic patients
  • encourages compliance in daily diabetes management

Product model for lancing only also to be available.


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