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Providing unique active needle pain relief
through Relese™ technology.

Innova's Focus: Diabetes Daily Needle Pain
A moderate to intensive diabetes therapy regime can result in lancet and syringe needle piercings totaling 1,500 to 3,000 piercings per year. Within five years that amounts to 10,000 needle sticks or more. For people with diabetes, needles are a part of their normal routines for their entire life span. Studies demonstrate that needle pain is a major obstacle in achieving targeted compliance and outcomes.

Innova's Solution
Innova’s Relese™ technology is the only active pain relief solution directly impacting the neural system to greatly reduce or eliminate the pain of daily needle piercings caused by lancet and injection procedures. The pain relief is immediate, no ice, no drugs, no additional devices, and no extra time or procedures involved. The patient uses existing diabetes product configurations that are easy-to-use and reimbursed. See our core technology.

Innova’s Mission
Needle pain is the largest universal experience of patient pain in medicine. It is encountered in early childhood and follows us throughout our lives. Beyond creating pain, fear, and discomfort, it negatively impacts patient compliance and medical outcomes. At Innova we strive to develop innovative yet pragmatic products that relieve needle pain and provide greater patient comfort, enabling improved patient compliance and outcomes that can lead to lower healthcare costs and improved patient care.