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Innova Venipuncture & Injection

One of the first and universal pain experiences for every person is being stuck by a needle. It is a sensation that follows us for the rest of our lives. Its frequency and intensity can range from periodic vaccines to daily chronic needle procedures to intense hospital condition involving simultaneous and repeated IV lines, blood draws and injections.

Children hate needles. Parents agonize as much as their children when witnessing needle piercings. Hospital studies indicate that children recall the repeated pain of needles as much if not more than their primary hospital procedure. In a study for pediatric venipuncture IV starts in the ER, children had to be restrained by two or more staff members 75% of the time.

Innova utilizes small stimulating devices that attach to electrode patches that provide a comfortable sensation that blocks needle insertion pain. The patch also serves as a dressing and, in pediatric cases, a reward sticker. Pain relief is immediate, no drugs or extra time is required. In addition, potential exists to shorten procedure times and reduce staff support that can lead to increased provider productivity.

  • Globally, over 24 billion syringes are used each year
  • 146 million USA flu shots were give in 2008 with children as the prime focus
  • 57 million USA children will each receive a total of 40 vaccinations by the age of 14
  • 10% of the adult USA population carries pain and fear of needles throughout their lives
  • International market size is conservatively equal to that of the USA market

Studies to download:
- "Inadequate Pain Management During Routine Childhood Immunizations: The Nerve of It"
- "Economic value to parents of reducing the pain and emotional distress of childhood vaccine injections"


  • 1 billion venipuncture procedures in USA per year
  • 400 million USA adult hospital procedures per year
  • 18 million USA pediatric hospital procedures per year
  • 40 million USA adults experience a high level of pain during venipuncture
  • International venipuncture market size conservatively equal to USA Market

Studies to download:
- "Clinical Implications of Unmanaged Needle-Insertion: Pain and Distress in Children"
- "Survey of Parental Willingness to Pay and Willingness to Stay for "Painless" Intravenous Catheter Placement"
- "Perception of Venipuncture Pain in Children Suffering from Chronic Diseases"
- "Preparing Children for Venipuncture. The effect of an integrated intervention on distress before and during venipuncture"

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